Smala Jaune Kandinsky

Composed of three pieces in varied proportions, this “family” can be transformed as either people or animals. The small figures are great as gifts or to display in a home.
Smala statuettes are made in our Lyon training workshop out of wood scraps salvaged from building sites or stage sets. Each Smala, made of a single shaped and painted piece of wood, is a simple object that brings to life our hopes for a better society. They make us smile and evoke universal humanity while honoring diversity. Seeing them together gives us strength!



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Decorative accessories


Atelier Emmaüs

Lien Marque


Ionna Vautrin

Lien Designer

Le French Design

TÉLÉCHARGEMENT / DOWNLOAD, CONCOURS 3D – Joris Bonnesoeur, CONCOURS 3D – Raniera Barbisan, CONCOURS 3D – Valentine Le Port Bak, INCUBATEUR 2019


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